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Checks for Less has an extensive collection of unique checks geared toward Disney enthusiasts. Nearly everyone will find something they love in these series of beloved Disney characters.

Mickey Mouse, the most popular of all Disney creations, is presented in clear and vivid colors with his own checkbook series. His carefree grin and cheerful wave greet you as you open the box of checks. Silhouettes of Mickey’s head float like balloons in the two-color pastel background. Following Mickey, of course, is his lovely friend Minnie. Coquettishly smiling behind her hand and sporting her big pink bow, Minnie is surrounded by hearts in tribute to her sweetness and generosity. Donald Duck follows, spiffy in his trademark sailor suit and ear to ear grin. No one can help being infected by his enthusiasm! He’s always wanted to be the star of the show and now he’s surrounded by stars as part of his own check. Loyal Pluto closes out the Mickey Mouse series with his innocent smile and wide eyes that are looking at a particularly tasty morsel in the background of bones.or is he seeing something that you aren’t? The Mickey Mouse series is clever and charming, perfect for Mickey fans. They also come in side tear models.

Checks for Less also offers a Mickey Mouse Silhouette series. Mickey’s figure stands out in front of an attractive vertical striped background. There are a different soft colors and shades for each variety that compliment the pose. The first in the series depicts Mickey in the classic, “aw, shucks” pose, hand behind his back and exuding an attitude of playful humility. Almost everyone is familiar with this classic Mickey, the pose which most people have in mind when they think of the character. This check predominately a bluish-grey with Mickey’s birth year triumphantly emblazoned in red above the signature line and bordered in navy blue. The next in the series portrays Mickey and his dog, Pluto in tan shadow with a background of tan stripes. As Pluto crouches in front of his master, rear quarters skyward and front paws spread begging for playtime, Mickey holds up an admonishing finger. The splash of colored stars above the signature line on this check gives the impression that there will be plenty of time for play later, making Pluto a very happy dog.

No Mickey Mouse series would be complete without his friend, Minnie and here she is in pink shadow on a background of pink vertical stripes and surrounded by a border of red. Minnie seems to be indulging her love of gardening, carrying a flower and with her signature flower protruding gaily from her hat, replaced in later years by a huge bow.

Donald Duck, the irascible hot-tempered fowl who always took second place to Mickey in the cartoons, stars in his own check in this series. His light brown silhouette appears to be indulging in one of his famous oratories or an equally common tantrum! Bordered in brown with the outline of Mickey’s head accenting the signature line, the pose is as endearing as the character.

The last check in this Mickey Mouse series shows Mickey and Minnie in powder blue silhouette against a background of the same color stripes and bordered in a slightly darker shade of blue. They are holding hands, facing each other and you can almost see the smiles on their faces. As a nod to Minnie, there are flowers once more over the signature line. Disney fans, and particularly those of Mickey, will treasure this series. There are also matching sheet labels and a navy blue leather cover available.

Checks for Less also has checks featuring characters from modern Disney classics that have been enjoyed worldwide. Ariel, Belle and her Beast, Simba, Lilo and Stitch and Aladdin are all rendered in vivid colors and exquisite detail.

If you prefer the older Disney characters you’ll be delighted with Dumbo, Alice in Wonderland, Bambi, Pinocchio and other characters so beautifully depicted in this classic series.

Happily Ever After will delight those who enjoyed Disney’s movies derived from the popular fairy tales Cinderella, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty and Beauty and the Beast. You may want to have the best of both worlds by using the Princess Castle series! Each colorful check depicts a fantastic castle in beautiful detail and is graced by the resident Princess next to your name. And who can resist Winnie the Pooh and his friends from the Hundred Acre Woods?

You may also want to order coordinating return address labels and checkbook covers for your Disney series checks to completely customize your checks and correspondence.

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