Thomas Kinkade Checks

Thomas Kinkade Checks

The Passing Of Thomas Kinkade, The Light He Left Behind.

The world became slightly darker when Thomas Kinkade passed away. His death is a loss to those who knew of him. If there is any one particular characteristic of his paintings that stands out on its own, it would be his fine craftsmanship in the use of lighting of his objects on the canvas. You may not recognize his name, but you just might his artwork. His paintings are seen from coast to coast, and across the world over.

The paintings of Thomas Kinkade have a unique quality, though they range in subject from ships on the high seas, to English cottages, lighthouses, and sleepy Christmas villages. Though each of these settings is remarkably different, the unique signature is apparent by this creative artist. His work is detailed, down to the last leaf, across which the sunlight falls.

He takes you back to a time that was, where innocence was abundant. In his landscapes, the world seems fresh, and glorious. Even in those subjects where clouds were overhead, there is still a feeling of hope and light. Perhaps that is why he is called the “painter of light”. Not only did Thomas Kinade artfully use the colors of paint, he was able to capture a feeling and pass it along to the viewer. One is hard pressed to lack emotion while viewing his work.

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